Star of the Stars by Yoichi Nagata is an elegant publication!

It’s format is so unusual for a publication that it screams for you to open it and gaze long and hard at the photographs within. You immediately feel as though you are looking at the original images, which I have done for the past several years so I am very familiar with the work. Not only was I drawn to the size of the reproductions in the book, but also to their vibrant color, which is so close to the actual images! Again, making me believe that these are the ‘real thing’.

In Star of the Stars, Yoichi Nagata has magnificently captured the underground life of the Japanese ‘clubgoers’ which is especially evident with the large centerfold at the end of the book of Lulun which measures 16.5x23”.

The production of this book took more than two years of work before it came to fruition and it certainly was worth the wait! I do not know of another book that is so elegantly produced! I hope that it reaches a world wide audience.

Susan Spiritus ( Susan Spiritus Gallery U.S.A. )

The book is splendid and it does brings to life these amazing photos.

Both, the printing and design are superb which makes a very good photobook. Given the small print-run I am sure it will become a sought after book.

The one think I don't understand is why did you use this paper. In my opinión a heavy smooth glossy uncoated paper would haver worked better. It would have made sense to me, given the proposal.

I am also a little bit puzzle with the short print-run. There is, obviously, a strategy behind this decision but it makes the book unreachable for many people in the rest of the world.

I believe a more basic (in terms of production, not quality) version of this book will be highly regarded.

Ramon Reverte ( Editor in Chief RM Spain